According to this site, McCain has a 15% chance of dying of old age while in office.

The chance of Palin becoming president is higher than that, since you usually are unable to work for some time before dying.

So with that news, according to the public records on this site:

Palin’s IQ is only 83, over one standard deviation, which means she’s dumber than roughly 85% of the population:

Most of my views lie with Republicans, but the last thing we need is another idiot in office. As much as I can’t stand socialism, I’m going to vote for Obama just so McCain doesn’t become president.

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  1. Oliver Smith says:

    You mean, so that Sarah Palin doesn’t become President. You just don’t want to be the cause of this: 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Have you seen any corroborating sources for those public records? An IQ of 83 would make her borderline retarded.

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