I spent about a week integrating Angel Script and exposing the Ogre function calls. My graphics programmer spend 3-4 days doing the same. In the end all that got done was billboards from scripts. This is because we had to implement so many work arounds for bugs and missing features in Angel Script that it was faster and easier just to do everything in C++, even not counting the initial setup time. For example, there is no way to have per-effect variables in script, and you can’t return pointers to objects that have member functions. There was no way to know this until really trying to use it, so I don’t place too much blame on myself. It was just bad luck. With more time invested these problems could be circumvented, but considering we already spent 10 days doing something that could have been done in 5 minutes in C++ it’s not worth the additional cost.

Most likely all further graphics work will be done in C++ and this will be revisited after the game ships.

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