Resumes part 2

What the hell is with Indian job applicants? Out of about 300 resumes so far (of which 0 included the information I demanded) I replied to all 300 of them. In every case I used the exact same form letter, because in every case they didn’t include the required information.

Of the 300 replies I sent out, I got about 30 responses. I have to wonder what is seriously the problem here.

A. You apply to a job. Admittedly a job post you didn’t read, but lets assume you are looking for a job since you bothered clicking the mouse to apply to one.
B. The company replies a few hours later asking for some information your resume was missing.

Do you:

1. Ignore the company
2. Send the required information?

Well in the case of these Indian resume spammers, 90% of the time it’s 1. Ignore the company.

Now I don’t particularly care that they ignore me. So much the better that I don’t get some idiot that can’t 1. Read. 2. Write. 3. Follow simple instructions. But I’m really just curious. What is it about my response that causes them not to reply? I’m not asking for sexual favors here. I’m asking for

1. Salary requirements
2. Availability
3. Contact information

What job wouldn’t need this information? A few geniuses replied “Negotiable” or “Per your standards” to the salary requirements. OK, great! I’d like to pay $1 a year so how’s that? Not good enough? Well don’t waste my time and don’t try to get me to name some outrageous sum and state your salary requirements when directly asked.

There’s another word that isn’t in the Indian english vocabulary. “Must”

Lets look up “Must” in the dictionary:

1 a : be commanded or requested to

To be commanded to. Such as “You *** MUST *** include salary requirements and sample code.” It doesn’t mean “You can include this if you want to” or “You can reply to other parts of the form, ignoring these parts” Yet this is exactly what I get, where some doofus will reply, answering contact info but leaving those fields blank. Why even waste my time?

Another thing. I thought Indians were hardworking. A few applicants even got so far for me to bother sending a sample test, with questions like “What is a Vector” Yet I haven’t gotten a single answer back to the sample test. Is this hardworking? It seems like the height of laziness and apathy to me. Personally, I’d be excited if I applied to a company and they sent me a sample test. It means they are intersted enough to bother grading my work.

It’s just wierd. Sometimes I feel like I’m in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

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