Combines Ogre3D, fmod, RakNet, OIS, and Crazy Eddie’s GUI system. OIS (the input system) and Crazy Eddie’s GUI system do not work together very well and OIS isn’t very well designed so I wrote an input manager which fixes that problem.

The majority of my work went into setting up the projects so they work together nicely. All the libraries go to one place, the output to another place, and so forth. There are includes and dependencies all over the place so I subdivided them among projects.

So now it’s tremendously easy to create a new game, with access to the functionality of all those systems, without having to write all kinds of setup crap.

One big plus is Ogre3D supports lots of content creation tools so the particles were made by me, as well as the GUI layout.

Here’s a screenshot which shows all the systems except RakNet in action. Everything you see was done in 231 lines of game code, which includes winmain()

*** EDIT ***
You can get it here: RakEngine .1

RakEngine .1

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  1. bicunisa says:

    Wow nice!

    Thanks Rak’kar 😉

  2. bicunisa says:

    Woops, forgot to ask:

    Where can we get it?

  3. NeARAZ says:


    I always find it a major pain when libraries are not easy to integrate (which happens quite often). For some unknown reason people think that I really want to run obscure setup scripts, install headers somewhere etc. etc. Just give me the damn include files and the source or precompiled stuff that I can put where I want to!

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