I have 4 systems running now. I need to integrate RakVoice with fmod next.

I would have had all this done yesterday except that I spent a huge amount of time trying to get Ogre to work from source, instead of using their framework. Eventually I gave up on that idea.

I thought it would be a simple matter to get the GUI on the screen but it seems like that’s one of the hardest things to do of all. I think I’m going to have to write a wrapper for Crazy Eddie’s GUI system because there’s a ton of code involved to do things that should have been automated. For example, mouseover and mouseoff highlights, setting callbacks for various operations, and such. You have to load the textures yourself even. With as much as you have to do yourself I’m not sure what functionality Crazy Eddie’s system even provides.

The system I had in Irrlicht was much better. It was one line of code to add a GUI element and it did everything else for you. Rather than having to create a class and then setting and writing callbacks for each button I just handled an event in a switch / case.

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  1. bicunisa says:

    Cool, I hope you have your tool stack ready to work with it soon 😉

  2. JoshStewart says:

    I had the same issues in my last project with CE GUI. It was too much effort to get something simple working and the tutorials on the site for input are a bit incomplete. Unfortunately it is one of the very few libraries out there that is designed for creating UI specifically for games. It needs a reasonable time investment to get the most from it I think. Not really good for prototyping some ideas.

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